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    Please advise: Best Joola rubbers for my blade

    Hello all. I got Donic Appelgren Senso V2 and put DoubleFish QIGI original (which is kind of hard and semi tacky) on FH and DoubleFish Hunting Shadows 8338 on BH. I'm probab lyadvanced beginner, maybe early intermediate player. Once or twice a month I take a group class with Chinese coach and his pupils (2500- 2600 level players in US) for the last 6 month. I'm too old to train to play like a pro but I really enjoy the game and it's great cardio exercise for me.
    Coach briefly tried my set up and told me that the rubbers are not spiny enough ( I had the same feeling about them but blamed it on my mechanics).
    I tried the set up used by one of the coaches who has expensive Joola blade with Golden Tango rubbers and was blown away how spiny they are. I did my regular forehand serve with a lot of under spin wrist motion, normally with my set up ball would go closer to the end of the table with small curve medium fast but with Tangos ball was very slow, barely clear the net, very short serve, bounced really low ( less then an inch or about 2 centimeters) with extreme spin, bounce on the the table few times, fall on the floor and still was pinning for a few seconds!
    Main coach was showing me Rhyzer Pro 50 but I think it would be too much for me.
    I can get Joola rubbers at a good discount but need help deciding which once to use.
    I was reading a lot and leaning toward Golden Tango PS for my FH and Rhyzer 43 BH. I do like to topspin when I can, especially with FH but I can't yet to fine brush the ball, more like hit it through the sponge. And I'm not always have fine touch in the short game. My backhand is ok but I still can't top spin well ball when it's low. Plus I have bunch of bad habits I developed as a teenager which are proven very hard to break but I keep trying.
    Please help me with Joola rubbers. Thank you!!!
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