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    Thread: Forehand Rubber

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      Forehand Rubber

      Can anyone rank which of the ff have the most spin? Speed? And sweetspot?

      H3 national
      H3neo national
      Target national
      Target 90
      Tenergy 05 hard
      Mxp 50
      Battle 2
      Battle 2 pro

      Do you have any other hard rubber in mind that has superb spin, control and speed?

      Also, why most top chinese players use h3 natl or h3neo national and not those other hard rubbers?

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      The Rasanter 53 has superb Spin.

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      You forgot Tenergy Custom Spec, MXP National, MXP National China, MXP National Germany, MXP National Romania, DHSNH3NBSFZD, DHSNH3NBSML, XOVIIAHG...

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      I have a Battle II laying around here and did a quick test for you.

      I throwed a ball at it, but it didn’t create any spin, the ball just died and rolled to the other side. Also, it didn’t control anything. I had to pick up the ball that went under my bed myself.

      I remember one time when I dropped a ball trough the stairs. The stairs generated way more speed and spin than this Battle II. You could see the ball bouncing always downstairs. Always. Seemed like the stairs controlled it pretty well. Very consistent.

      I read somewhere that, with rubbers like the ones you mentioned, you have to glue it to a piece of wood or something and give it to a player who knows what his doing. Apparently, the player is the one who will generate the spin with the rubber. Although, I am pretty sure that if those stairs had rubbers on the steps, it would generate even more spin and speed.

      On a side note, I have little to nothing to do on the work today.
      Hope this helps.

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