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      says Dignics 09C review out now
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      Top 5 Best Table Tennis Rubbers of 2019

      Hey guys, we're back with another video and this time we're looking at the top 5 best table tennis rubbers of 2019!

      Let us know in the comments what your top 5 rubbers of 2019 are!

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      says modestly attempting kōhaiship
      of Jeul-Tak
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      Must’ve been quite the competition, in which the Nexxuses, Omega VII series, and Dignics 80 got eclipsed by these five.

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      Blade Tibhar Samsonov Force Pro Special Edition
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      Yeah, very strange: D80 gets glorious reviews from Dan and, then, all of a sudden, gets flushed down the toilet.

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      Blade Xiom Offensive S; Tmount T540; Xiom Vega Euro
      Forehand Rubber Kokutaku 007 Pro; Hurricane 3; Tibhar MX-S
      Backhand Rubber Xiom Omega 7 Hyper; Stiga DNA H; Joola Maxxx 500

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      here's mine:
      5. Stiga DNA H
      - I do not care what some people say but this rubber is really good and deserves the attention of people using ESN rubbers. This is very spinny and easy to produce spin plus good handling.

      4. Omega 7 Tour
      - hard hitting rubber and is the best alternative for Tenergy 05H.

      3. Dignics 05
      - impressed with the heavy spin and control but so much easier to use compared to Tenergy 05
      2. Kokutaku 007 Pro
      - the dark horse of rubbers in 2019, more bouncy than the H3 Neo yet has equal spin but easier to use.
      Even better to use with boost because of the sponge reaction to boosting.

      1. Omega 7 Asia
      - - my personal favorite rubber and is the best alternative for Tenergy 05
      ITTF Level 1 Coaching Course Conductor at your service!

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      To me Nexxus rubbers are the best .. And, well, they are probably not as hard and fast, but to me, the spin and feel they give .. are the best I need

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      yoass (01-11-2020)

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