As tittle says I'm looking for a suited rubber to improve my game.

My actual setup:

Stiga All Round Classic WRB
FH DHS Hurricane 3 National Team 39º OS
BH Giant Dragon - Talon National Team OX


FH looping (more side spin than top spin) and eventually some block. I make the side/top spin from ground and I use all my body & arm not a lot of wrist like I desired: I guess due to the fact the my strike is hard.

BH block-pusher close to the table & eventually some chop to middle distance when can't stay close to the table.

I feel can't get all the power needs the H3 national team 39º using mine all round blade so I'm looking for a new rubber. There are sweveral posibilities:

1/ Continue with other chinese rubber like Kokataku 007 Pro Selected 39º or 40º to suit my FH top & side spin oriented

2/ Change to Xiom Omega VII Asia or Hyper

3/ Use a
hard topsheet with no spring sponge to avoid the catapult feel with small thickness to make an aggresive game smashing & flat hitting all high balls also I guess will be suitable to improve blocks.