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      Quote Originally Posted by guni4you View Post
      I play around 5 days a week. And I am feeling a lose of grip after around 7 weeks.What are your thoughts on durability?
      I don't play as much as you do. You can probably try boosting it. R53 reacts really well to boosting. How do I know?

      I still use speed glue exclusively. When I first got my brand new R53. I put a layer of speed glue on it. It curled up visually. If it reacts to a layer of speed glue, it will likely react to booster oil.

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      For FH in the price range I would suggest:

      Rasanter R47. Its not as fast as MXP or Tenergy, but great in a short game, fairly linear, spinny on short or full strokes, and great control. Works very well short and mid distance.

      Another option is Gewo Nexxus EL Pro series, 48, 50 or 53. I used 48 on FH and BH, but prefer it on BH. Suggested it to a friend who used MXP, and he loves it.

      Another one I've used and like is Xiom Vega Pro, but I think above rubbers are better. I don't like Xiom Vega Europe at all, too soft even for BH in my opinion.

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