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      Quote Originally Posted by Hysteresis View Post
      I think it depends what you meant by 'he wants to start playing games'.

      If you mean that as in the sense of formal competition, then the Tomahawk serve is probably the most effective serve for someone for whom height would otherwise be a problem.

      You would normally need bend your knees very low for a tomahawk serve, but for someone who would struggle to pendulum serve due to height, they could just stay standing, and otherwise tomahawk serve perfectly normally.

      If you mean it in the sense that he just wants to be able to play in the structure of a game, but not in any sort of actual official competition. Then just learning to cut the ball on some kind of forehand action, height allowing, would be more useful developement wise, for them to transition to the regular pendulum serve once they are tall enough.

      The tomahawk serve is a cute, novel way to get around the problem of height, and there COULD be a transition into shovel serves once he's taller, and they can have similar blade angles at contact. But the pendulum serve is probably the better serve to aim at for long term developement.
      I mean the 2nd one, before we even talk about any sort of competition, we are talking just friendly matches with me, his uncle or his peers. Tomahawk serve is on my list. I think it is a fairly easy one to learn as well initially. Thanks for your suggestions.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Lula View Post
      Internal motivation is needed.
      I totally agree

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