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      Forehand improvement

      Warning : i haven't slept for over 24 hours haha

      I was just playing some tabletennis , and ever since i switch from tb alc to zjk alc , the spin of my loop was not the same . So I was just messing around and idea came to my head , what if I'm a samurai and I'm trying to cut the ball in half in mid air ?!
      ( yes , this is where the warning comes in haha )

      Man , this completely change the way i look at looping. My the spin of my loop and accuracy went up exponentially and the harder i hit it the faster and spinnier the loops got!

      Hopefully this help out someone whos struggling with the forehand if not than thank you for your time haha

      Update : looking back more technically, it made me close my bat angle alot more , made me concentrate more on where I'm contacting the ball ,improve the timing on my shot and also made me step in forward into the ball more
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      Losing too much sleep is worsrer than this...

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