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    Thread: Dignics 09c

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      Dignics 09c

      Hey all

      Thought I’d start a thread about this DIGNICS 09c rubber thats due out in April. We can upload any new updates on the rubber etc and find out what it’s all about.

      From my gathering this rubber will have a sponge hardness of 44 (slightly harder than T05H). Butterfly’s description doesn’t really point out if this is to have a tacky topsheet or just really grippy but it’s definitely a rubber that has sparked my interest especially with the stats they provide (Speed 13, Spin 13) which is really interesting comparison to the rest of the DIGNICS series 05 = (Speed 13.5, Spin 12) 80 = (Speed 13.75, Spin 11.75) and 64 = (Speed 14, Spin 11).

      This seems like a good rubber for players who want less speed but able to maintain high spin. My only worry is will it be ultra spin sensitive due to the additional grip/tackiness

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      That does sound like the description of a tacky rubber “it absorbs the spin of the opponent, you just go forward”. Tacky rubbers tend to do that if you’re playing an active stroke (definitely not on a passive stroke though).

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      Finally, the rubber that plays by itself!

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