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      Prize money at your national championships

      Just read on tabletennisengland.co.uk that the winner of the forthcoming National Championships will pocket 1000 pound and the runner-up 500. This is an increase of 25% due to a new sponsor.

      Personally I think it's still derisory and a real embarrassment for the top players. What about the National Championships in your country? Do they get paid more of less? Be interested to know. Thanks.

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      We had 8 players participate in our Top 12 championship. Everyone else preferred a calm weekend.

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      that's... how to say... not a mind blowing amount

      In my old club, for winning a club members only internal tournament which is organized once in a quarter or so, you get a 3 or a 6 months membership which is worth up to 300-600 eur and some pot money the players pitch in... and that's as far from a national championship as it gets...

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