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    DHS Hurricane 8 Soft review

    Hello Guys,

    I saw a new rubber on tt11 website and I decided to try it out. I'm not a professional rubber reviewer but I'll try to give a honest unbiased review about the rubber.

    The rubber in question is DHS Hurricane 8 soft.

    Attached image on the bottom.

    Playing on a Nittaku Septear Lead blade with 2,2mm thickness hurricane rubber and xiom omega 7 pro 2.0mm.

    First thing I noticed when I bounced the ball was the apsorbtion of the softer sponge and the sticky rubber. The ball felt dead and my shots were definitely slower than with Tibhar Aurus Prime.

    As I started with some light practice, the rubber was a little faster than I expected, a little more speed than Sriver. Drives were cutting it low on the table but it was still controllable and nice to play with.

    Then the looping started. Let me just say, it's still a sticky chinese rubber, you need alot of effort to get the ball going.
    But the spin this rubber gives is just insane. My opponent asked me if I microwaved the rubber or something. The ball cuts right above the net with alot of spin, not in the H3N rank but not so far away.

    Blocking felt a little slow, passive block is not for this rubber, you need to put some pressure on the ball to get a nice block or the ball just ends up in the net. Blocking against heavy topspin was easier because the stickiness of the rubber put the ball over the new even on passive blocks.

    Overall a nice rubber for forehand topspin oriented players who are technically more on the gifted side and for the faster players.
    It is a little more dynamic version with the softer sponge and you dont need to engage as much as on a typical chinese rubber.

    First review on this site so please dont go hard on me
    I'll answer as many questions as I can from my humble perspective.

    Edit: I can compare this with a variety of different rubbers, tried them alot. Once an equipment guy, always an equpment guy
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