Harimoto's screaming is a cheap tactic - he disrupts his opponent's concentration, forcing his opponent to lose focus during that critical moment right after making a mistake - when one runs through the scenario in their head, analyzing what they did wrong and what they should have done while the memory is still fresh.

I propose the following tactic for leveling the playing field agains Harimoto: Scream when Harimoto screams - yell chole at your full volume when Harimoto yells chole as his full volume. (Doesn't even have to be a chole, you could just yell S.O.B, or drop an F-bomb). This works better in disrupting Harimoto's concentration versus only yelling chole when you win a point. It serves to confuse Harimoto and make him reconsider/hesitate yelling the next point he wins.

I would if I was playing him. Would you? If not, what would you do (if anything)?