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    Lockdown - Home Practice/Excercises

    In this current lockdown, how people are practice at home.

    Are there good drill videos which we can refer to improve off the table practice

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    1. If you have any vids of yourself, study them and become aware of your techniques and identify flaws.
    2. Compare them to professionals that inspire you (maybe Ma Long, FZD, Xu Xin, Harimoto, Timo Boll etc.) Study them, notice subtle differences in strokes.
    3. After watching practice shadow movement with your racket, after knowing the right movement, vizualise yourself next to the table and repeat a movement you're practicing and make sure your feet, arms, elbows etc. are lined up accurate. If you have a mirror that's even better.
    4. Play with the ball, do the excercise, maybe not start so high, but it will probably help develop your feeling and timing.
    5. Do the bouncing ball against wall, but try to bounce it in as closed a space as possible and as short a distance as possible, like you're aiming at the edge of a table.
    6. Excercise, any muscles you're particularly weak at when you play table tennis for a longer time?
    I find: Jumping ropes and side stepping (personally I add in the fh crossover leap) pretty useful for improving my footwork. something like:
    And clearly if you're slightly overweight it would also help your footwork and mind to be in optimal shape when you get back to the table. (I notice a pretty significant difference from when I'm 84kg vs 90kg for ex, your ideal weight is probably different from mine though and you might already have it for all I know xp)

    I also do wrist/elbow strengthening exercises, which was to deal with my tendon issue, but is also to prevent future injuries for those who don't have it:

    Another thing you can do is download the ttedge app, maybe not perfect, but probably the best app there for improving your eyes for deception in tt out there.

    Just a list of ideas, main idea is to improve endurance, reaction time, wrist flexibility, footwork, feeling etc.

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