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    says I like to hit Heavy Topspin
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    says I like to hit Heavy Topspin
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    I can think of benefits to any of the 3 blades you are choosing between.

    In the end, see which one makes you happiest. I love the way those old Stiga blades feel. That one may actually, in the end, allow you to swing harder so, cause your technique to improve faster even though it is more work to get a more powerful shot. Even if you used it for a few weeks or 1-2 months, and then revisited the idea of Primorac or 301, it may cause you to get more power from the two faster blades.

    Thoughts on 301, if the 301 feels flat on touch and less impact and then feels alive on big impact, do you feel like it kicks into a different gear as well and gives you a more powerful shot on bigger impact? If so, and there is less projection of the ball on softer touch, that could translate into a great blade for short game and for power game as it sounds like it may have "gears."

    In the end, whether you choose Primorac, Older Stiga or the 301, after you are using it for a few months, your technique will groove to it. So, the choice is less important than the training. But, it is likely that you will get the most bang for your technique if you spend a few months using the slower Old Stiga blade before switching to one of the faster options. And if you use the Old Stiga for a few months without switching around, it will start feeling like the normal speed so, when you switch up, those moderate speed blades will feel like a nice step up in speed since your technique and power of impact will have calibrated to the slower blade.

    Hope this helps.

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    Hi Carl

    Thanks very much for the thoughtful reply - what you say makes sense.

    I used both the 301 and the Primo last club session for 3 hours or so and the 301 really seemed to grow on me, for a few reasons;

    1. As you describe “gears” - I played a very defensive player and found that I could push and chop very effectively despite this not being my game. The 301 felt very safe and allowed a lot of spin and control. Later I played some of the more aggressive players and felt the blade come alive - faster, lower trajectory and more penetration on my FH.

    2. Weight - combined bat weight is 195g and I just love what that does for my FH swing and power - it’s about 10g heavier than the Primo or Stiga.

    I think I’ll put some rubbers back on the Stiga and do some playing with that one too with the Primo on the sidelines for now.



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