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    Chinese Game Show [BEAT THE CHAMPIONS] incl. Liu Guoliang and Wang Tao

    Sorry if this has been posted already.

    I just found out about this game show. Where they will invite champions of different sports, like table tennis, tennis, boxing, badminton, soccer(china doesnt really have a champion in Soccer, they invited Kaká and Owen as the Champions) and so on.

    The hosts will invite some other personality to help them beat the champions. The host team can also use "tricks" to help them cheat a little bit.

    The numbers of cheat they can use is determined by pre-shows games. Where both teams have to complete tasks, if the Champion team wins, they can remove a cheat. Mostly there are at least 2 rounds of pre-shows.

    In the main show, they play the sport "normally". This is also the segment where the host team can use their cheats.

    In the episode about Table Tennis, they invited Liu Guoliang and Wang Tao. Both are trainers now.
    Sadly there are no subtitles. But the show is amusing by even without it. Btw. They host team told Master Liu and Master Wang to not use spins. xD

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