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    Jan 2017
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    DHS 6512 rubber

    Last month I saw DHS 6512 rubber on Toaboa and that lead to my memories back in the days I started playing table tennis. Mark V and Sriver were expensive rubbers for me that time. When I started using custom blade and rubber 6512 was the rubber affordable and nice to play that time.
    So out of curiosity, I bought 1 black sheet of DHS 6512 last month to try. When I open the package, the rubber looks really like quality product. DHS says it is all round rubber with hard sponge. The rubber is 4 corners cut and weigh 53g after cutting on blade. I have been playing DHS provincial blue sponge hurricane 3 as my forehand rubber for years. I do play Tibhar MX-S in my forehand as well. I boosted it with 1 layer of Haifu black booster and glue it on DHS W968 letter version. Overall racket weight is 194g.
    When I do top spin forehand stroke, it really feels good. The speed is slightly slower than boosted H3 but I think it is negligible difference. It really shines on powerful stroke, as you can feel the explosiveness of the hard sponge combine with of the booster effect. And tacky sheet helps with the feeling of firm gripping on the ball during drive. This feeling is different from Tenergy or MX-S as these spring sponge or tensor rubbers give the feel, the catching of ball by compressing the sponge.
    When I did just 1 point forehand stroke, I didn’t feel difference between 6512 and H3. But when I play 3 points forehand then I started to realize the difference. If I cannot make proper leg , trunk, arm synchronized stroke, the ball goes into the net. H3 has less this kind of errors and MX-s is much lesser. So in a sense, if I play match, likely I will gain more points by saving errors by using MX-s
    The spin is comparable to H3 on forehand loop or drive. The spin on serve is really heavy and higher than MX-S. I can really feel the grip of the top sheet when I serve. Looping of underspin needs technique and body weight transfer. For this, MX-s is easier but tacky rubber produces heavier spin and opponent finds harder to return as ball is flatter and spinner.
    Blocking has no issue for me, it plays like Chinese tacky rubbers and it is Chinese tacky rubber.
    Same principle applies to this rubber again like H3. I cannot smash using this rubber and it gives plenty of errors. So be prepared to always drive with topspin or loop. It is rewarding and satisfying though when I make the loop as I can really see the quality of the ball.
    I decided to write this review because of the price difference between 6512 and H3 provincial or MX-s or Tenergy. This rubber is only 7SGD or about 5USD per sheet.
    If I see rubber characteristics such as spin, power, easiness to play, it surpasses tenergy or MX-s in term of spin. Power is good because of the booster. I started to think the price of the rubbers doesn’t make sense anymore. I am not saying this rubber is better than any rubbers, it has flaws depends on the level of skill and the technique we developed for years.
    So my final thought is that we might not need to spend top dollar for equipment but find suitable rubber or blade is more important than buying expensive stuff. However, if you suit better with most expensive equipment, that still works as long as the player is happy.

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    Jul 2018
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    I'm glad you saw the light. Usually when I see someone with a special edition W968 using national black oil, I see someone who just doesn't get it.

    Congrats on finding your way back. Meanwhile, get in touch with one Iskandar on OOAK forums if you want to find out just how much cheaper you can get yet, and still play proper.

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    Jan 2022
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    Dhs 6512

    Recently I've started playing with 6512 and it really surprised me in terms of efficient spin and control. I'm a 50 years old player who plays with a Barricade Blade from Dr. Neubauer and a Trouble Maker long pip rubber that needs control and play close to the table.
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