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    Thread: Dawei rubbers

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      Dawei rubbers

      Hi to all ! Do U play with this rubbers ( verry cheap ). I will try Dawei 388A speed 2.2 mm on forhend, and 388A-4 2.0 mm on backhand... Be please to post your thinkings about these rubbers and wood that u used them on. I will try them on Nittaku Violin blade. Regards from Croatia.

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      I'm not a fan of Dawei, I used Saviga on my forehand at one point and the rubber was very poor. I could press my nail into it and the mark would remain, very poor lol
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      Dawei XP 2008 Super Power reamins one of the all time cheepest rubbers at est $7 USD a sheet that performs similar to BTY Sriver in terms of spped, spin, control, and variety of shots possible.

      Dawei Inspirit was a great Euro like rubber for the speed glue era.

      Dawei Inspirit Quattro is an outstanding allround OFF rubber for those who like a HEAVY rubber. So is Ultra Light for a BH consistant threat.
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      I have tried a Dawei Sprungfeder G3 (A2 sponge , now not anymore allowed by ITTF just because Dawei didn't want to pay to be on the ITTF list of approved rubbers).

      I have a 1,8 mm black rubber, it is a very capable and fast rubber (more speed and spin than a Sriver L), but has got a HARD sponge , i would guess about 48° hardness. If you like to play with hard rubbers , it is definitely not bad at all. Just no speed glue effect at all, so it behaves just like a classic rubber.

      It really is capable of a lot ! But too hard for me.

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      i currently use IQUL, i like it, quality is very good and its like a sriver with a livelier sponge, ive also tried 2008 xp and i found it nice and has lots of control, like a mark V which is a lot cheaper
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