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    Introducing myself

    What's up guys? (Barrowed from Dan) I just wanted to say hi to everybody. I'm 54 years old from Washington State, US near Seattle. I started playing in my basement with a two piece press board table over the top of a mini pool table. I was 8th grade ping pong champ (which doesn't mean anything) for my school and that's the highest ranking I have ever been. I played a few years in the early 90's with some serious players and learned a little. Then I played golf for the next 25 years. So now the Corona virus brought me back to TT. I bought a decent table and a Newgy robot last March and just about tore my shoulder off during the initial shutdown practicing in the garage. I re-skinned my original Donic Persson Power Allaround wth some yasaka Mark V. Quickly got bored with that and got a Yasaka Ma Lin soft carbon with Shining Dragon and Rakza 7 soft. Nice blade with a smallish handle so I wrapped it. My main playing time is a half an hour every day at lunch. I have a playing partner with the same enthusiasm and level as me, so we work up a little sweat at lunch. I also just started going to the Seattle Pacific TT Club on Saturdays. We have fun but we are not at the level of most of the players there. And I recently had my first lesson there also. Biggest takeaway was rotate my hips and don't lose my form. I consider myself a newbie. With a background in golf equipment as a hobby I see lots of similarities from TT to golf. Perfect equipment and the chase for the Holy Grail is probably the biggest. I could see using things like a launch monitor to check speed and spin. Or establishing C.O.R. (coefficient of restitution) to give blades and rubber a less subjective number for speed or rebound/bounce. Oh well maybe another post. Lastly, I think Dan is a terrific ambassador for TT. Thanks for listening. Q

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    Welcome! I've never played at SPTTC myself, but pre-COVID era I used to play at Greenlake and the International District community centers (which are affordable, welcoming, and have a great range of players).

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