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Ok, just played with the paddle adaptor for the first time and it is a game changer. Makes the game even more realistic. In real TT, I play long pips on one side and inverted on the other. With this game, and more specifically, with the adaptor, I am able to have 2 different surfaces like real TT and twiddle during the rally.

You can customize the spin, speed, and throw angle of the rubber for each side. Although there are no settings for long pips, I was able to create a anti spin surface on the one side. With the adaptor, I can now twiddle like I do in actual TT, so in my opinion, the paddle adaptor is a MUST if you get this game. It feels very natural despite it's extremely odd appearance with the controller where the blade would normally be. The weight of mine with the overgrip is 205g, which isn't that bad considering...

where did you buy this paddle adaptor ?