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      Yinhe LQ-1 vs Yinhe LQ-2

      Yinhe LQ-1 (38USD$)


      Yinhe LQ-2 (55USD$)


      Both are advertised as defensive blades i think, i am really interested in picking one up but i am not sure which to pick.

      From the descriptions it seems that the LQ-1 is ~80g and the LQ-2 is ~88g.

      On OOAK i saw a user say that the Lq-1 is the faster blade - does this conflict what the weight suggests? I cannot find the wood structures of either blade and would love to know.

      The LQ-2 comes with a cork handle - something that off put my initially but from reading around users say they like the feel of. Money is not an issue but i am concerned that the LQ-2 is better just because of the higher price?

      Similarly a user on OOAK says that the LQ-1 is more suited for dead returns and close to the table blocks and that the LQ-2 is better for chopping far away from the table as well as powerlooping.

      Im looking to apply a thinned sponge LP on the back hand and perhaps just a h3 i have laying around on the FH. Would be nice to have a chopping playstyle with this blade with some close to the table hitting - looping is a plus.

      If anyone knows anything about this blade it would be appreciated.
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      after using the
      SANWEI J7 7 wood domino structure Professional Table Tennis Blade/ ping pong blade/ table tennis bat strong spin


      for a while and was happy with it, I decided to treat myself to a blade with """allegedly """ same characteristics
      and got the LQ2 with the cork handle.
      I could go on and on and on but the bottom line is that you can save yourself the money and get the Sanwei
      which isa 7 layer all wood, rather soft but it will do anything the Yinhe did.
      BTW, the Yinhe came heat shrunk in a clear plastic and was bent , which was not a problem for me because at this stage I had perfected my technique to straighten chinese blades.

      Now, the TSP BLOCKMAN II is a completely different proposition when it comes to a quality blade.
      I have used it with a H3 on BH and a Milky way 955 with 1mm sponge on the FH but it was too much hard work for me. After changing the FH rubber to Friendship 802 - 40 it worked well for me.

      Just my 2 cents worth

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      I don't know anything about these two blades, but I think a newer defensive version is the Yinhe 980xx which I have. It is a very good, high quality blade. Try searching that up, especially if you aren't sure about the cork handles on the LQs.

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