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    Joola Dynaryz ZGR review

    After seeing Lily Zhang review this rubber, I guess it's called die-nuh-rise... all this time, I thought they were capitalizing on the popularity of Game of Thrones for Di-nare-ez!!

    I got this rubber in black 2.0mm sponge. With the light protective 'paper' still attached, it weighed 76 grams. So perhaps 72 grams by itself. The rubber is factory tuned, and for me... it was the first kind of tensor style rubber that came curling! Not a tremendous half circle fold or anything, but the corners turn up and do not sit flat.

    The sponge is supposedly 57 degrees. Although to me, it doesn't really feel THAT hard combined with the top sheet. Comparing it to nittaku hurricane 3 blue turbo, for example, it is clearly softer overall. This one feels more similar to joola golden tango ps or nittaku sieger pk50. For those who have used the dynaryz AGR, the ZGR plays close to the AGR with a bit less speed. I think of this as being their tenergy/dignics alternative. Where tenergy is faster with more spring, and dignics grants less passive speed with a supposedly better gripping surface. AGR/tenergy vs ZGR/dignics

    ZGR is labeled as somewhat tacky. My sheet could not pick up a ball for more than half a second or so. Less tack than golden tango or sieger. However, it is a bit of a dust collector so some tackiness is present. Despite being hard, it possesses a good bit of liveliness and effect. You might think of ZGR as being a midway point between something such as AGR/tenergy and hard, slower tacky rubbers. You don't get the same tensor style pop from ZGR as you would expect from other ESN style rubbers. Nor do you get the dreaded 'die off' effect from hurricane style equipment, if you don't happen to swing hard enough. Still, ZGR is definitely leaning toward a tensor style rubber rather than going in the Chinese direction.

    I personally found it to be exactly what I was looking for, and a perfect balance at that! The loops were coming in HOT 🔥 Loaded with spin, more forgiving than h3 blue and could also fish decently well. Pushes were more controlled than the AGR. You won't experience a tremendous 'boooooing' when performing touch shots. Not anywhere near the degree present in faster rubbers. Now, rather than carry on saying 'oh it's a little less than this but more than that blah blah' I think you'll have the idea by now!

    My only gripe so far about the rubber... a few cases of ball SLIPPAGE!!! It hurts to experience... On several balls, I heard tssssss and the return went nowhere! Looking at the rubber after these, it had accumulated some dust/dirt on the surface. However, I never have this problem when using hurricane or dignics.

    To me, I kept saying 'man... I like these new harder sponges but the rubber is either too fast (AGR) or too slow (h3)!!' So if you feel the same way, in that you want to keep the hard and crisp feeling, but either wish for more/less speed depending on where you're coming from: ZGR is fantastic!

    That's me comparing it to dignics 05/64, hurricane 3, nittaku hurricane 3 blue, sieger pk50, golden tango/ps, tenergy, tibhar mx-s, donic m3, victas 15, dynaryz AGR/ACC and a few others

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