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    Quote Originally Posted by Music&Ping
    That's exactly what I'm saying if you read well my post: it's a race, every ESN brand is competing to make the best tacky/springy rubber possible to mimic the boosted H3.

    Given the rhythm at which the major ESN brands progress, 3 or 4 years and we'll get a legal perfect H3-like rubber.
    You should've known better as you played in 38mm era.

    Not even Butterfly could come close to Chinese tacky rubbers in the old days. If ESN can't even dethrone Butterfly in grippy rubbers after 20 years, what are their chances for tacky rubbers? To fill you in, Butterfly tried it with D'OR in 2004 and then Spin Art in 2010. Didn't even make a dent.

    The head designer for the Victas Triple series has actually said in a recent interview that he wanted everything "made in China" instead of made-in-China topsheet and made-in-Japan sponge. That should tell you something.

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