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      Man, I want to have your racket tested. Now.

      Man, I want to have your racket tested. Now.

      There is nothing wrong for you to check opponent's racket at any time prior to the start of game. No one is allowed to use a GREEN BALL in tournament play, likewise can't he use unduly thick sponge on his racket. The Rule 2.4.3 demands that rubber+sponge combination should be under 4 millimetres thick in total...
      There is no good reason to allow an exemption from the Rules for some particular players, or some particular rackets.

      Before now, players and umpires have had very little chance to know if someone using illegal sponge, just for lacking an affordable thickness gauge. We did our best to supply to ALL players a great device to measure actual sponge thickness with accuracy to 0,01 mm, AT AFFORDABLE PRICE of 60 USD.


      * * * *
      * * * *
      Dear Fellow Forumers,

      You must be aware that as being a member of human socium, every single Table Tennis Player has to obey by many laws and regulations that cannot be broken with impunity. Such as
      ☛ Driving at the red light
      ☛ Smoking in the elevator cabin
      ☛ Ladge-calibre gunnery inside the house
      ☛ Urination past the toilet bowl
      and so on.

      And in addition to those, the Rules of Table Tennis, Part 2 rightly belong to the scope of Sacred Testament, or somewhat. These rules are binding anyplace worlwide, and you can not slight any point of these rules. All the Paragraphs must be observed to a dot.
      For example, once entered a registered event you shall none play
      -- on tables with truncated legs,
      --with a lowered net
      -- with a green ball.
      He who feels any sceptical about my afore notes, he could now try for a green ball and he shall be captured and driven to a loony-house directly from the event.

      Here now, according to a new ITTF edition of the Rules part 2, I shall give a solemn proclaim here in full voice that to play the game with the unduly thick racket coverings is strictly prohibited for every competition, all around the World. And the Referee on duty ought to have a statutory THICKNESS gauge for making precision measurements on the rubbers.

      ☎ In order to empower our fellow-umpires worldwide, we have started a production enterprise with the involvement of foreign capital, and we now prepared to produce digital thickness gauges at an affordable price much cheaper than the Chinese analogue.
      No one is allowed to urinate past the toilet, and, likewise, none of players is exempted from using standard equipment at competitions —no one absolutely.

      @Translation powered by Google engine

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