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      This is the angle that ALL ittf tour matches should have

      There's simply no need for any other angle. Put the camera simply in that angle for every single match and not only it would attract that way a ton more people to TT and have them interested but would make a lot more current TT fans a lot more happier.

      Putting aside the awful side camera angle that was in Macao, even any other past ITTF tour matches with the angle being far in the back behind the table is nowhere near as good as that shown in the video, where the camera is pretty low which allows the viewer to see the players technique very clearly, but also is fairly close and it's in the corner and that's how it should be every time. It makes you feel like you're actually there and can feel how powerful the shots really are. Why are these dumb ittf idiots who organize these events just never get it.
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      NO! if there is only one camera the camera should be looking over the favored had of the near player.
      Ideally there should be two cameras looking at the FH side and BH side.
      The cameras should be low just about table level.
      Like this. The camera is just a little high but you can still see the arc of the ball.
      The near player blocks the view of balls landing in his BH. That is why a secondary camera is required to look at the BH view.
      The view is me playing c-pen. I don't normally play c-pen. I made it in support of the c-pen players in the c-pen player thread. I think c-pen is a very natural way of play although I had a little trouble covering the cross over point.


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