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      Mouse grip tape for handles

      It is winter and dry. Both hand and handle in the first 20 mins of practice are always slippery. My son plays a lot of video games and bought some mouse tapes to improve click accuracy. It's really thin and the size seems to be just right. So, I put one on the back side of a handle just to check how it feels. It turns out to be very comfortable and not intruding. In the past I had tried tennis grips, badminton grips. They certainly help with grip, but were too thick and messed up the control and small adjustments. In contrary, the mouse grips are thin and grippy. They do help a lot when it is dry. Not so sure yet if I need to take them off in the summer when my hand sweats a lot, but so far so good. If anyone is interested, here it is, or search Razer mouse grip tape.

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      In my opinion, the most important part of the grip is the index finger and thumb on the base of the rubber and the angled part of the handle. The other fingers can be very relaxed. So, how I hold the racket, I am confident that this would not be something I wanted or needed.

      That being said, everyone is different.
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