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    Darker Blades – H3Neo compatibility?

    I was researching a bit on Darker Blades in the net as I am tempted to try an All Hinoki Blade due to the general opinion that it's great for looping and generating spin. I am first and foremost an attack-minded player trying to loop when the chance is there with lots of spin (especially on FH side). On the BH I also tend to chop in short play from time to time as my BH flick still has a too high margin of error, still whenever the chance is there i go for BH Loop. Furthermore, when I am bound to the table I rather use BH side for blocking.

    Right now I am playing with Hugo HAL blade (OFF- to OFF speed), which I chose due to its quite flexy character as I prefer playing with mid hard to hard rubbers (47,5 degree and above). Currently FH: H3Neo 40 degree 2.15 mm / BH Rakza Z 2.0 mm) I would describe myself as an advanced skilled player.

    I definitely want to keep playing with H3Neo (already ordered an Orange Sponge version in 40 degree for my HAL), but I don't know whether the hard rubber fits a blade like 7p-2a 7t (currently the Darker blade I am most keen to buy) since I read that a too hard sponge will kind of kill the effect of the soft hinoki. Is that true and would it make sense to use a lower degree sponge of H3Neo instead? I would also use 2 layers of FTL booster, so that might help in that regard?

    Please let me know what you would advice regarding rubbers and whether I should consider another model instead of the 7p-2a 7t.

    If anyone has the experience, a speed comparison between the HAL and the 7p-2a 7t would also be helpful.

    Looking forward to your answers!
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