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    You be using TOO MUCH SHOUDLER You !!!

    Hi everyone,

    I know the vid series from this Korean lady duo is aimed at beginning and lower level players, but I coach an adult who is above average club level who does exactly this and I spent time telling him exactly what these ladies are saying and why it affects the shot/recovery/quality just like these ladies nailed it.

    This problem is MUCH MORE COMMON than one would think.

    The adult learning from me played on his own without coaching for FOUR DECADES, developed a very good ability to slap the piss out of the ball close to table and away from table with his brother who can slap it better than him repeatedly.

    Point is, this man developed some real bad biomechanics on his own, like many players do... but then he got some lessons from a near elite amateur player/coach, and it got drilled into him that on every stroke one must rotate waist and shouders a LOT on every stroke, close to table or not. So... our friend started to use WAY too much shoulder movement with arm locked up all bent.

    This led (as the ladies clearly explain) to my friend using WAY TOO MUCH SHOULDER... and ensured it was TIGHT... and ensured crappy ability to spin the ball (you have to get down some for that, but too much shoulder hinders that).

    This also led to rotating the waist, torso, and shoulders like he was a 30,000 heavy kg jumbo cargo truck locked in 8x8 drive. His arm was ALWAYS bent at 90 degrees and had next to zero arm snap... whcih made him use his shouldes even more before impact.

    These ladies' English is not gunna win awards, but they do clearly identify the problem and get the point accross.

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