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    Blade Makers' Challenge - SDC Blade

    This is the thread I will use to document the building process of Der's blade for the blademaker's challenge.

    One thing I learned after some time building blades, is that sometimes the customer is very wrong about what he thinks he wants. This is such a case...

    So I decided to give him everything he DIDN'T ask for, and I'm sure he will be surprised:
    You want an outer fiber blade? Inner it is.
    You don't like carbon? You gonna learn to like it.
    You don't want a hollow handle? Let's hollow the hell out of that sucka.
    You want low balance? Not on my watch, better start working out those wrists.
    You want a standard head size? A big man needs big blade!
    You don't want quick rebound? Let's make that medial ply spruce and make sure it kicks like a mule.
    You want a ST handle with 87mm circumference? Maybe a conical handle with a variable size is better.
    You want a hard Koto outer? Let's make it nice and soft with Ayous.
    You want a light colored top ply? Well, ok, I got to give him something.

    This is the current state of affairs, plies glued and cut, and the handles are also shaped. Ebony strategically placed at the tip of the handle to make sure this baby is as top heavy as Pamela Anderson.

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