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As for the process, I purposely ran this like a classic military operational leadership. (at least the version of my vision of that)

How? I gave the situation, the desired outcome, and a few specific requirements... clarified questions, then got out of the way. I purposely DID NOT be over-burdonsome with requirements of every aspect - the blade makers needed a chance to demnstrate (not to me) to the public they are legit badd-azz. Thgey do not need me to take away their initiative and creativity to achieve the end state.

At least I always hoped every commander would operate that way when there ae PLENTY of experienced skilled operators in the group. These blade makers are exactly that, so why get in their way>

Commanders command (and do not / should not micromanage), Operators operate and get the mission done with their leaders, Senior Operators advise Commanders, Combat Support provides support. Easy concepts if run right in the proper spirit.
The way it should be done.

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