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    Quote Originally Posted by IB66

    Hi Yogi,

    Great that you’re back home and on the mend!! Keep on with gentle exercise, don’t over extend yourself etc.

    My mother has Pulmonary Fibrosis and struggles to breath, she had her vacation 3 months ago and is due the second jab this weekend. She’s 90 yrs old, and after the 1st jab seemed to get weaker for the following 2 weeks, and suffered a seizure of some kind, or ‘episode’ as the hospital referred to it. Caused by low sodium, magnesium levels, NOT the vaccine. Anyway she was taken to hospital and was in there for about 9 weeks. They tested her for COVID when she was admitted, negative,
    and weekly thereafter, 3rd week she tested positive!! She was in a ‘non COVID ‘ ward!!
    The Vaccine helped saved her life, no doubt at all !! Someone with Pulmonary Fibrosis is at severe risk.Loss of breath etc similar/worse than where you are at the moment. She is now home and on oxygen even when sitting. But she’s home and much happier!!
    Worst thing has been not being able to visit her when in hospital, isolated from her family was horrible for her, so I can really relate to the experience you are going through.
    Even when she was discharged, like yourself a 14 day isolation period ensued, we had to rearrange the house!! Bed moved downstairs etc so the 2m rule could be adhered to at all times by my father. Within 2m it was gloves, aprons and masks!!

    I think writing this is possibly more for myself!!! To help get things off my mind and show others that having the vaccine can save your life. BECAUSE YOU DON’T KNOW HOW IT WILL EFFECT YOU.
    some have no symptoms, some die, some get a head ache, some suffer symptoms like yourself.

    If the vaccine is offered, take it !!
    even if you are vaccinated, maintain the social distancing rules, wear masks, wash your hands all that stuff, you can still test positive and pass it on to someone that has not been vaccinated.

    Anyway, that’s enough of that.

    Yogi, all the best to yourself, family, friends and pupils.
    keep moving forward, stay SMART, stay SAFE 😁

    Thanks for sharing this man. Hope your mom remains healthy and strong despite her advanced age. The sad thing is, you are likely to get Covid also in a hospital if admitted due to ease of transmission even if you are in a non-covid ward. I had a student in tt before that her mom and uncle died due to visiting a cancer ward and got covid. People should take covid seriously. The repercussions are really bad and the worst thing is you can infect someone close to you. So guys, please take your precautions and protect the people around you.
    I will ge vaccinated after I get out of quarantine. One of the things I am prioritizing to do after 2weeks.

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