I mean it for real, any of those wood blades, even the heavy 5 ply... even the 114 gram Qtr-Pounder D-Lux... all had the feel I needed and sufficient power. Middle to upper OFF zone on top end is PLENTY of power for most offensive players... actually many blades in that zone are too fast as it is too rebounding and not enough feel.

NOT the issue with Nate's last dozen. THIS blade, the MASS ANNIHILATION UNIT, a real Smooth Operator capable of dropping Heavy H-Bombs can really toos that opponent into the Maytag Spin Cycle and forget about 'em.

This blade did NOT lose feel or perception of control on the shots I count the most - Open HEAVY spin slow ball vs underspin, flip serves, touch serves short, Counter vs incoming topspin, and everyone's favorite - go FULL BALLISTIC to finish with a punishing powerloop.