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    looping racket angle

    WingTT mentioned me.
    This topic is on mytt
    looping racket angle - Alex Table Tennis - MyTableTennis.NET Forum - Page 2
    In short, I agree with pingpongpaddy.
    Rolling your wrist is not good. If you roll your wrist the the angle of the paddle will change from millisecond to millisecond.
    The others do not know what they are talking about.
    Dwell time is not milliseconds under normal play. It is around a millisecond plus or minus microseconds. Contact time is shorted at higher speeds.
    You can't extend dwell time by more that a few micro seconds at best so I don't know how you can feel the difference.
    When I was on mytt I challenge the PhDs in physics to prove they are right and I am wrong and NONE rose to the challenge.
    I haven't seen anybody do the math yet except Baal with his crude "napkin" calculations.

    It is been 12 years now. No physic PhD has risen to the challenge.
    What is the force that is applied to the ball? Make assumptions but then show the math.
    What must the acceleration of the paddle be to increase the dwell time?
    However, if the paddle is still accelerating then it is not at maximum speed.

    This is why the PhDs hire me or did in the past. I am retired now.

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