Multi-color balls
Few months ago I saw Stiga one star multi color balls in some department store while visiting Canada & USA (Don't remember which store) .
See attachment.
I wondered if these are legal ? This says on star ball. So I thought one star was best. But someone told me in my other question about seamless balls that 3 star was the best . So I am not sure.

There was rumor that ITTF was considering requiring all balls to be like soccer balls with two colors orange & black or orange and white or yellow & white so that players can read spin better. Is this happening ?
I am now not sure as to even what color balls are legal because I heard you can have any color rubber starting October 21, 2021. Won't this cause confusion ?

They used to have only yellow, orange & white balls . Are they available now in all these colors from new 40 ball ?
Which one should I buy ?

I don't play in league or clubs but always wondered how they choose which color to use for a league or tournament ? Is this only one color ? What if I prefer yellow ball and my opponent prefers orange ? Who decides ?