Hello everyone. I am pretty new here, but I thought that a good post to benefit everyone would be all banding together to build a routine to aid your table tennis playing. We can't always be at the table, so having a routine for building muscle definition, as well as improving cardiovascular endurance and agility could be useful to do when we can't play. In addition, lots of info can be compiled here so future people could learn from this as well.

I guess to start, what do people think are good exercises for abs, biceps, triceps, upper and lower back, quads, hams, calves, forearms, etc., etc.
My goal is to take all the suggestions from you guys and turn it into a very specific routine with specific weights, reps, and durations.

In addition, assembling useful agility exercises, like jump roping, ladder exercises, as well as things like box jumps. Cycling as well. Also diet!

I understand that in some ways including exact reps and weights for exercises is inherently flawed as different people will be at different stages, so I guess in that case I am looking for a less specific routine. Maybe just a clear rotation of what parts to work on each day and such.

What will it take to get legs like ZJK? What causes that higher level of definition than lets say FZDs quads?

I would list some posts I have read through to start building the routine but I need 5 posts to link other posts haha!