I have started playing stiga offensive classic, because I hoped that this at some point could improve my skills. I used to play with butterfly primorac off- with tenergy 05FX and after just 2 weeks of training I noticed a lot of progress. I could more often keep the ball on the table and I had quality in my topspin shots. It's worth to mention that this blade was a bit crack at the handle. It may seems so strange but I think I had a lot of control. I think the parameters have changed to ALL+. It was very flexible and soft. But unfortunately the condition of primorac day after day became bad and had to be repaired
When I started playing it again, the parameters changed a lot, it became very stiff. After this I started playing Petr Korbel also with tenergy 05FX. I didn't feel control I think It was to fast for me and my skills that I was working on deteriorated again.
Now I am playing stiga offenisve classic with tenergy05 with one layer of boost. I think this set of rubbers and blade doesn't forgive mistakes. It's really fast and very hard. I have to make really fast move. In exercises it's possible but when I play matches it's become so tough, I think I'm not at this level and blade need to help me a little bit. Can you help me in choosing rubbers for stiga? Or do you now any blades which are all+/off-or similar to primorac, I mean soft and flexible?
I would like to add that I'm training about 25h a week