Hey community,

I wish everybody is safe.

I am an intermediate allround player. intermediate = I can perform all strokes including the difficult ones (flicks etc) comfortably but not that consistently.

I need some expert advice on my next equipment purchase as I am currently not really satisfied with my setup which is as follows:

Blade: Butterfly Innerforce Layer ZLF. Weighs 92 grams.
Rubbers: Donic Baracuda Big Slam in 1,8 mm thickness both on forehand and backhand.

The reason why I am not satisfied is that I feel my setup is way too fast for my style of play. Multiple strokes send the balls outside of the table which doesn’t happen when using slower setup of friends.
I also require more dwell time, vibration and overall feel especially from the blade.

I’m considering the Stiga allround CR WRB or the Andro TP Ligna All. I didn’t find much reviews on those so it would be great if someone could provide some feedback about those specific models. I’m leaning towards the Andro because of its lighter weight and as it’s slightly faster than the Stiga one? I am just worried if I get a too slow blade, it will be harder playing away from the table.

I am also considering getting thicker sponge rubbers to avoid the bottom out effect (actually happening in my setup) but don’t really know which ones would fit with best with those blades (If you’d recommend them)

Thanks and looking forward!