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    Hybrid rubbers how close to Tacky Chinese or Grippy ESN spring sponge?

    So, I was thinking that a list of Hybrid rubbers and where they sit in relation to Chinese tacky rubbers (CTR’s) at one end of the scale and grippy ESN/Spring sponges at the other end would be a good idea.
    criteria such as amount of bounce, tackiness, general feel etc

    This would give an insight to someone thinking of changing from one to the other!!
    There’s a good few rubbers that I haven’t used, it’s a pretty short list!!! so feel free to add to the list.

    top of the list is close to CTR’s bottom closer to ESN/SS

    Victas Triple Double Extra
    Nittaku Hurricane Pro 3 Turbo Blue
    Nittaku Hurricane Pro 3 Turbo Orange
    Joola Golden Tango
    Joola Golden Tango PS
    Xiom Tau2
    Loki Arthur Asia
    Loki Arthur Europe
    Victas Triple Extra
    Yasaka Rakza Z
    BTY SpinArt
    Donic Bluegrip V1
    Nittaku PK50
    Victas 07 Sticky Extra
    Donic Bluegrip C2
    Xiom Omega 7 China Guang & Ying
    BTY D09C

    Should BTY Aibiss be added? I’m not totally sure!! Some people say it has a spring sponge, but a BTY list that I looked at showing type of sponge didn’t list Aibiss sponge as a Spring Sponge. It sure doesn’t play like it has a spring sponge!! I feel that it’s BTY attempt at H3 .

    If you think I’ve got a rubber (or some rubbers!!) in the wrong place then swap around!! It will be interesting to see how people’s take on this varies!!

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    Last edited by IB66; 01-15-2022 at 04:10 PM. Reason: Revised position of Tau2! More bouncy over time!!

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