1. Is it possible for me to boost the shit out of my sponge and then glue it to top sheet (so logo doesn't look stretched and without ENZ machine no one can tell I boosted). And then rip out the top sheet without any damage and repeat? (would normal glue work for this?)

2. Where do I buy top sheet separately or separate it without damage?

3. Besides hardness, what else impacts speed glue absorption? Pores?

4. Where do I buy non-VOC speed glue or boost they were making for a little bit? Any natural alternative?

3. Would gluing sponge be enough or top sheet would have to be boosted too for optimal performance? I used to use a product to top sheet tacky revitalization which also had boosting properties. It was convenient because I could boost the rubber without peeling it off the blade and it was undetectable. Any one knows it's name or where something like this is sold?

Thank you!!