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    Guess what I did today?
    I thought it would be cool to start my own thread to display my blades and see what you guys think. The blade I posted actually has a cool story so here it is...The first time I met up with Charlie to learn the art of blademaking he took me to his lumber yard and we walked around this place looking at these pieces of Hinoki cypress that to me looked great! I wanted to buy every piece I could get my hands on. Charlie on the other hand kept telling me that he frequently visits this lumber yard and none of the pieces were ideal at that time. So we walk around this lumber yard and I’m thinking to myself what a bummer here I was hoping to get some quality wood and I’m leaving with nothing. Then Charlie walks around the corner holding this ugly piece of wood! With a big smile on his face! I was confused of course by the color and to me it looked terrible but he assured me this was the wood I should buy if anything. So I did. We go back to the shop, he cuts it up, and wow! It looks amazing already even before thickness sanding. So the blade above is three pieces from the first hinoki cypress board I ever purchased and it happened to be a beautiful chocolate hinoki. The handle is a much shorter story. the poplar comes from an organ that Charlie got his hands on which he made some handle blanks with and he gave me some. So yeah that’s the story behind this blade and while every blade is special, there’s none quite like this. To me at least. *Shrug*

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