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Wow! Impressive. You are truly a fanboy of DHS and Chinese tacky rubber.

I have a further question. The conventional wisdom is to use tension or softer rubber for the backhand, however, I find that using hard tacky chinese rubber on BH can produce some spectacular killer backhand loop kill. Especially on flexy blade with ALL+ or OFF- rating. Do you find the same as I do?

Glad you liked it

Yep. Chinese all the way here

I really don't like flexy blades to these rubbers. I found out that stiffer ones work better for me, and then a bit faster than all+/off-.
I used to have 729 Focus III Snipe and DHS TinArc 3 for backhand, but advanced to Yasaka Rakza 7 Soft, TSP Ventus Soft and Spin and further to Andro Hexer series. But now I'm using Big Dipper H38 boosted on backhand. It's quite nice and not too bouncy. And tonight I will try out the H8-80 H38 on my backhand. My technique is much better on forehand than on backhand, so I need something that's controllable