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    Is it time for a faster blade?

    Hello guys I am playing table tennis for almost 2 years now I want to ask is it time for a faster blade for me my current set up.
    Stiga Allround Classic
    FH DHS Hurricane 3 Blue Sponge
    BH Rakza 7
    I have upgraded only rubbers until now and I will explain why I am looking for a blade change + game footage of me playing.
    1. I am at a point where I can perform every stroke and technique in training with around 80 to 90 % success and I am looking to get the same quality and consistency in game play.
    2.I feel like I am starting to prepare for a big forehand swing earlyer than I have to just because if I don't prepare I can't make a fast and quality topspin or smash. So I concentrate more on power than on footwork.
    3.As you can see in the video I like to move few steps from the table and I feel like I lack power there even with these rubbers.
    4.I am afraid to get a faster blade just because everyone says don't get a faster blade if you are not ready and my progress will get slower but everyone recommends faster blade for starting table tennis than my allround classic because of the new ball.
    5. The blades that maybe I am thinking to buy is a 5ply all wood blade but with more power I am looking into Stiga Infinity VPS and Stiga Intensity NCT both are 5ply high quality blades and are not soo stiff and fast like 7ply blades.

    What do you guys think Match - YouTube Here is the video of me playing I am the guy in the gray shirt just so you know my level.

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