I started playing a few months ago mostly at home with my dad who has had training before but I plan to join a club as soon as they open up where I live.anyways I started on a hardbat I had lying around and I tried Chinese penhold just for fun and I loved the wrist flexibility so I bought a yinhe n11s Coen with h3 neo 38 hardness unboosted and focus 3 snipe on my bh. I liked this setup at first however as I learned to loop well, learned how to play properly and how I like playing I found that this setup lacked a bit of power at mid distance which I enjoy playing at during the rally. When imfurther from the table I like to play fast directshots on both wings and when I am closer to the table I like playing heavy topspin on my fh and Rpb flicks and spinny rpb loops. I have beat the crap out of the blade learning strokes and I want to get a new setup with ak47 yellow on my bh (which I tried on my dad's racket) and some form of tacky rubber for my Fh I have heard that boosted h3 neo is better in every way but I don't want to deal with boosting and I love the tacky rubber so I want to try a different rubber such as yinhe Jupiter 2 or 3 or friendship battle 2 and I want a blade a bit faster that my current one as I have never had problems with the ball going off the table and I want to have more power at mid distance I was thinking the DHS pg12.which blade and forehand rubber should I get? Also keep in mind that I am a teenager and I dont have much money to spend