I want to switch to that classic old Chinese man short pips penholder hitter style but with some Rpb attacks because it looks super fun and I don't really have any intention of going pro. I am already a penholder and I have fairly strong wrists and hands so a heavier setup within reason is not a huge deal I plan to use 802 mystery pips in a 2.2 mm sponge and yinhe moon on my backhand. I want a blade that I can keep for a long time that isn't too expensive, I have heard that players of this style either use basswood blades or 7ply blades I saw the Avalox p700 on ttnpp for 40 dollars and they also carry the rubbers that I want. I have also seen this blade called the DHS 032 all on AliExpress for a bit less but I have heard some mixed feelings about it on other forums. Would one of these be a good blade or should I look elsewhere? Also I am running a bit low on glue so I would like to get all of the stuff from one place so they can assemble it for me. And what color pips should I use? cause I have seen lots of different players using either red or black on their forehand