although I try other stuff generally I have used Tenergy 05fx now for about 7 or 8 years on my fh.
I have tried 05 but find it a little unforgiving, I am not quite good enough for it.

Now I love 05fx for this currently on A Sanwei Fextra 7 ply wood (which suits my pimple bh);

Speed (ok)
Loop/Arc suits my fh technique.
Love how bouncy it is

I don't like;
How bouncy it is
Pretty reactive to incoming spin in Max, not so much in 1.9
not the best for tight game
Sometimes in max its even a bit bouncy for smashing

So are any of the newer generation of rubbers more suitable

From reading other threads it seems T19 might be somewhere between 05fx and 05, this might be the ball park I needed. One thing i Noticed about 05 is its better for blocking against power than 05fx, the hardness absorbs the kinetic energy of incoming shot better.

I am a bh pimple hiting biased player. All I need on the fh is some control for serve return and tight short serve assistance. and some help in loops and smashes. I am a pretty basic player.
I get drawn to Rakza Z but think maybe T19 could be the answer. I always find the Evolution rubbers not quite right for one reason or another, and I don't seem to like the feel of the thinner rubber thicker sponge modern rubbers.