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    Hybrid rubbers

    Hey all,

    I was wondering if any 52.5° (or about) hybrid rubbers exist. I know of a lot of 50 and 55° rubbers. My question comes from the following: ive played with d09c and when i hit the ball perfectly this rubber is the best ive ever played with, it feels very satisfying. However if you dont engage the sponge enough it will end in the net. Ive also tried bluegrip r1 which is very easy to open up with and very forgiving. However, the real hard finishers are difficult because the rubber is a lot slower. Therefore i was looking for a 52,5° rubber to (hopefully) get the best of both worlds. The thing is though, i dont know any 52,5° rubbers. The ones i do know are either 50 or 55. (Note, im not looking at Chinese rubbers. Ive had h3n commercial and didn't like it too much. )

    Rakza z
    Zieker pk50
    Bluegrip R1
    tibhar hybrid K1
    One of the new victas rubbers
    Stiga Genesis II

    Rakza z eh
    Bluegrip V1
    Gluegrip C1
    Xiom China
    The other victas rubber
    Joola golden tango
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