First post on this forum!

I have about ten different blades and the one I get most spin (especially on serves) with is the cheapest blade of them all, a HRT 2076 (allround) with a weight of 76g. It’s a thin and flexible low end blade but I can generate a lot of spin with it. I’m using three nine 999t rubbers on this blade which are fairly slow and very very tacky after some treatment of oil on the top sheets, been trying a bunch of different rubbers but the super tacky 999t in combination with this blade is the spinniest combination so far. But I don’t like the cheap almost broken feel of the blade and the handle is too small for my taste. So I’m looking for another blade with similar characteristics but with a “nicer” feel and bigger handle, like the light weight though. I’ve read some people recommend hinoki surface blades for spin and feel, do you have any recommendations? Nittaku Septear Lead?

Spin and control is the most important factors for me, don’t want a fast setup. Make most points on surprisingly spiny serves, slow spiny loops and heavy under spin shots.

Thank you in advance!