well i guess i need help.
So i am playing tabletennis for 12 years now and i am 27 years old.
I am not so good in this game i think. Well let me start where i am and what i guess what i need for equipment.

I have 1207 TTR Points in germany, and i play in the lowest league and i still dont win many matches.

I switched to long pips and than i won more games, but i dont think it has to do with the pips.
I played with a stiga defensive pro straight and a vega europe in 1.8mm on the other side.

So i think it has something to do with the slower set up and beging more confidence with it.

In this league you push a lot with underspin, in germany we say "schupfen" and it goes all about control and dont do an error.

Before that i played off blades like Boll ALC, Long 5 or Stiga Infinity with Bluefire m1 or xiom vega Pro.

So what i am think now is, i need a slower more controlled set up.

I thought maybe xiom vega euorpe in 1.8mm on both sides on a similiar fast blade than the Stiga Defensive Pro.

But the question is, what blade is similar fast or similiar at all to this blade with a normal head size.

I hope you can help me.
I dont want to feel this sad think if you lose and cant do anything for your team.