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    Darker Esteem / Darker Liberta Synergy

    So I have ordered and played the 7p-2a.7t now since 6 weeks and I am super happy with it. The blade finishing is superb and I also really adapted well to the playing characteristics of the All Hinoki wood structure.

    Compared to my previous blade Xiom HAL the spin development is definitely stronger as well as the speed/catapult which I had to get used to in the beginning, but adapted really soon and helps to produce both more safe and dangerous shots from mid-distance. Yet, close to the table game is still controllable and the hinoki kick doesn't get in the way here. Furthermore I also benefit from the lighter weight of the wood (82 grams) as I prefer harder and hence more heavy rubbers on both Forehand and Backhand.

    Due to my enthusiasm I am now tempted to get another Darker blade and have laid eyes on the Darker Esteem. The review on TT11 ( already gives a good impression and comparison and states it composition as: hinoki-carbon-willow-kiri-willow-carbon-hinoki.

    I would be interested in some more opinions on the Esteem of people here that have or are still playing it.

    Furthermore, the Liberta Synergy is another blade that looks quite interesting to me even though it doesn't feature any Hinoki plies. Would be thankful if experiences and opinions on this blade were also shared here.

    Thank you!
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