Good day. I am trying to understand what it is I am feeling with different set ups. I have been playing “seriously” only for the past year. But I have just reached a point where I notice the vibration and also sound of different blades when contacting the ball. My friend just got a new Stiga Offensive Classic (Limba/Spruce/Ayous) with Tenergy 80FX. I have been playing a Tibhar Pure Wood (Koto/Mahogany/Samba) with T 80FX along with an OSP Virtuoso Off-. I tried his Stiga and noticed right away the higher vibration and “hollow” sound it produced. It made me go back and forth through all of my blades to try and figure out if I liked that feel or not.
Is this “feel” from the type of wood used to make these blades, and or process? I know lots of people talk about how they like the feel of Limba. Is it the “vibration” from the wood that they love? Or is it the softness of the surface, (related to dwell time)?
I also determined that I prefer a more muted or dense feel. My Tibhar and even my Butterfly Innerforce Layer ALC (Limba/Limba/Carbon/Ayous) have way less vibration, slightly higher pitch and more solid feel to them over my OSP and Donic Persson Power allaround (both have more vibration).
Am I missing out if I “learn” with blades that are more muted? What do I look for in the composition to help me know how a blade might feel?