I thought it would be a good time to post this handicap table table as TT clubs will be re-opening and may like to have an all club handicap tournament to get to see each other again. I have only seen 3 people from the club since the lock down. My somewhat local club will re-open on 2 Aug.
I made this table about 10 years ago using math and probabilities not guessing.
This table is for a 3 out of 5 game match.
To use the table look up the difference in ratings between the higher and lower rated player then go to the left to see the handicap or head start the weaker player should get.

The table is mathematically correct but it could be better. What if the difference between two players is 20 points? In this case alternate the handicap each game between 0 to 1. Another problem is that when the difference between players is high, the handicap could be so large that a few net or edge balls for the weaker player could tilt the odds significantly in the weaker player's favor. Another option would be to make another table where the stronger player starts with a negative score. This will require the weaker player to still in 11 points. This would give the stronger player more chances to recover from bad breaks.

The columns in the middle I calculated out of curiosity. I wanted to see the expect percentage of won balls and games. Also note, I displayed the numbers to 3 digits. The values that are 1 are really just very close to 1. Nothing is certain.

One could also use this table to estimate ratings between players. My 3rd coach had a rating of 2500 USATT. I could never get him to play seriously unless I got a handicap to put some pressure on him. I would always win matches with 6 ball handicap. I could win games but not matches with a 5 ball handicap. My goal was to get to a solid 5 ball handicap. Playing very good players is much different than playing players at the normal club level.