Currently using Sanwei Fextra and Tenergy 05fx and Spinlord Keiler bh.
Now Fextra is amazing for Kieler, I think its fairly stiff but has a softish feel from the limba, excellent for blocking and hitting on bh with pips.

Over my many different efforts with other blades of different types, I have come to the conclusion that you I need a fairly stiff feeling blade for bh to work consistently.

However it is definitely harder at my standard and with my technique to loop fh with fextra and tenergy 05fx.

Flexier 7 plies and 5 plies have been terrible for me with my pip shots, but clearly better for fh loops etc.

So I have come to the conclusion that probably a carbon or more likely inner carbon that would flex a bit more on power loops might assist me on fh.

A decent controllable carbon (limba outer) blade if thick enough should still be good for pips, I think it would be a bit of a compromise on pips but I could always try 2.0mm kieler instead of 1.8mm. It would definitely help my fh spin generation, arc and 3rd ball openers etc.

So what are the short and mid pimple players using and why?